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Company Info

The GNC Show Production concert agency was established in 2010 by experienced specialists in the field of the show industry – Sergey Novikov and Andrey Galkin. The company provides a full package of services for organization of artists’ concerts and tours in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, all of Russia and Near Abroad. At the moment the agency is developing, actively looking for foreign artists and partners, aspiring to enter the international level in the area of entertainment events.


The priority direction of GNC Show Production’s concert operating activity is alternative, electronic and rock music. However, the company doesn’t limit itself to a defined music genre while realizing its projects. The agency is focused on choosing large interesting projects to expand its possibilities. Therefore, guests of our concerts always feel a wonderful atmosphere of live sound and impressive special effects.


In the few years of its existence GNC Show Production has made many music lovers happier by organizing concerts of their idols such as: Amatory, Anacondaz, Kalinov Most, Undervud, Kvartal, Kirpichi, LaScala, Vladimir Kuzmin, Maksim Leonidov, Valery Sutkin, Vasya Oblomov, Petr Nalich with symphony orchestra and other famous musicians and groups. Earlier in 2006 the company’s specialists provided technical support and tour management of projects in the framework of the famous rock club Live Music Hall (CDK MAI): Vyacheslav Butusov, Akvarium, Alisa, Korol I Shut, Melnitca, Boombox, Aria, Fpg, Splin, Matrixx, Chayf, Zveri.


GNC Show Production owns large advertising possibilities. In the company we've Promo and PR specialists ready to provide professional advertising support of concerts and tours in media and on the internet. Also they're able to arrange effective resources for a successful external advertising campaign. In addition our company provides:

          - Development of a creative scenario and scenography of show programs

          - Arrangement and implementation of huge advertising and PR campaigns

          - Arrangement of ticket sales

          - Reservation and supervising of a concert space, including security

          - Technical support and production (light, sound, video, stage mechanics)

          - Post production


Our main principles are professionalism, trust, partnership and development. As a result we've only the best shows for our audience.


Contacts:          119048, Russia, Moscow, Luzhniki str, 24 \ 2

                           +7 (495) 646 05 37,  +7 (495) 227 04 55